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Pretty good solitaire 18.0.0. 06-10-2019 79.73%
Pretty good solitaire version 19.2.0 17-09-2019 76.71%
Pretty good solitaire version 17.2.0 17-09-2019 88.60%
Pretty good solitire 19.2 16-09-2019 75.86%
Pretty good solitaire 19.2 .txt 11-09-2019 71.26%
Pretty good solitaire 13 18-08-2019 83.91%
Pretty good solitaire 19.2 28-07-2019 80.74%
Pretty good solitaire 19.1 26-07-2019 75.22%
Pretty good solitaire 19 0 05-07-2019 86.69%
Pretty good sol 20-06-2019 87.79%
Pretty good solitaire 19.1.0 12-05-2019 77.94%
Pretty good solitaire 19.0.0 10-05-2019 77.16%
Pretty good solitaire 19.0.0 key 10-05-2019 82.74%
Pretty good solitaire 19 29-04-2019 75.53%
Pretty good solitaire 17.2.0 18-04-2019 73.22%
Pretty Good Solitaire 19.0 26-03-2019 82.23%
Pretty Good Solitaire 19.0.0 19-03-2019 81.34%
Pretty Good Solitaire 16.1 0 03-03-2019 82.39%
Pretty good solitare 19-01-2019 87.63%
Pretty good solitaire 13.5 31-12-2018 86.38%
Pretty good sollitaire 27-12-2018 76.18%
Pretty good solitaire v18.0.1 05-12-2018 84.70%
Pretty good solitaire 18.0.0. March 2018 02-12-2018 85.21%
Pretty good solitaire v 16.8.1 01-12-2018 85.28%
Pretty good solitaire 14.3.5 25-11-2018 80.07%
Pretty Good Solitaire 10.1 25-10-2018 82.85%
Pretty Good Solitaire 15 25-10-2018 83.01%
Pretty good solitaire v18 23-10-2018 88.60%
Pretty good solitaire 26-06-2018 84.62%
Pretty good soliatires 18 08-06-2018 82.24%
Pretty Good Solitaire 18 23-05-2018 82.72%
Pretty good solitaire18.0 17-04-2018 86.42%
Pretty Good Solitaire 18.0.0 08-04-2018 87.31%
Goodsol Pretty Good Solitaire v3 10 MacOSX 13-12-2016 79.23%
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